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Upgrading to the Reckon Payroll App's premium plan

Hi everyone

When upgrading to the premium plan there are a few key things to check just to ensure everything goes smoothly which we'll outline in this article. Don't worry though, they're all really simple things which you've most likely already done! 😊

Updating your app to the latest version 🆕

Its really important that you're using the latest version of the Payroll App that has been released. Newer versions of the app often include new features and functionality that can enhance your experience and streamline your payroll process. There are also regular upgrades to the app's infrastructure, performance and bug fixes through our updates.

To download any available app updates be sure to check your app store or click the respective links for the listing to the Reckon Payroll App

Ensure that you are signed in your app store 🔑

Please make sure that you are signed into your app store on your device with either your Apple ID (iPhone/iPad) or Google Account (Google Play Store). Its more than likely you've already taken care of this since you've downloaded the Reckon Payroll App to your device however we've seen some instances where users have had trouble upgrading as they are no longer signed into their Apple App Store or Google Play Store account on the device.

For general information on how to sign into to your app store account, check out the information from Apple and Google respectively below.

Add a payment method to your app store account 💳

You'll need to have a valid payment method added to your app store account in order for both the upgrade and your recurring billing to be processed from. All billing and payments are processed by your respective app store provider.

⚠Please note the payment method you add will become the main payment method for any subscriptions created from your app store account.

For general information on how to add payment methods to your Apple App Store or Google Play account, check out the information from Apple & Google below.

Multiple Subscriptions ➕

The Google Play Store and Apple App Store only allow one paid app subscription per Google account or Apple ID. If you are using multiple Reckon Payroll App accounts you will need to upgrade each app account under a unique individual Google Play account/Apple ID.

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