Hand over file to another user of the same file (transfer ownership)

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Hi, I set up a book for the accounts of the association I was treasurer of. I'm no longer a member so want to transfer ownership to the new treasurer, who is a current user of the book. When I attempted the transfer ownership process, I received an error message "This user does not have admin access to any companies. Please search for company admin." Searching online has only led me to the information that the transferee "must have Reckon One Portal access" which she does as a user (and she has administrator status). Does she need to set up a new book (company) in her login, and the book transfers into there?


  • Rav
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    Hi @Ainslie

    I'm assuming that you've set up the other individual as a 'Staff' member in your Reckon Portal account which is why she is appearing as a user, is that correct?

    If so, you'll first need to remove this person as a staff member from your Portal account by going to Account ➡ Staff ➡ Click the menu icon next to the user staff member ➡ Remove

    I've put together a quick screen recording example below -

    Once that is completed, go ahead and perform the transfer of ownership again and it should go through without issue.

    Let me know if still have any trouble.