STP Phase 2 Migration Assistant for Reckon Accounts Hosted ℹ

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STP Phase 2 Migration Assistant ℹ

Hi everyone!

The new STP Phase 2 Migration Assistant is the easiest way to get your business ready for the switch to STP Phase 2.

The Migration Assistant will be included in Reckon Accounts Hosted 2023 and it will step you through the employee information and payroll items you need to review and edit for STP Phase 2 compliance.

📅 Reckon Accounts Hosted 2023 is planned for release on Tuesday, 13 June 2023.

Check out our video below for a demo on how to use the Migration Assistant.

For more support, check out our help guides below!

Migration Assistant Help Guide 📝

STP Phase 2 for Reckon Accounts Hosted - Help Guides 📝

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