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Hoping for some advice. I have just upgraded to Reckon 2023, I have run the migration wizard and updated all employee with new pay rates. I clicked on one employee and Reckon crashed. I didn't think much of it and re logged in. It did it again. I rebuilt and verified the data and was able to access the employee to change something. I then did something else and went back into same employee and continually crashes. I have rebuilt and verified the data 3 times and still it crashes everytime I click on that employee. Over the years I have had this happen. Last time I had to set up a new employee profile. I can do this again but how can I make the crashing employee inactive so that he doesn' t show up on reports. Also will I have to have a new employee number and how does this effect STP upload.

Hopefully someone can help I have wasted a lot of time on it already.


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    1) You can go to the Employee Centre to make a specific employee inactive.

    2) Right-click on the employee name to bring up the context menu and select "Make Employee Inactive"

    You can modify the employee number of the affected employee, and then in the newly created replacement employee record, set it to the original employee number and set the YTD pays for the newly created employee to match what it should be.