Submission has been rejected by the ATO


As see the below error messages, the connection is not working even though I have already provided the software ID using Access Manager and have checked it.

All clients upgraded to your New Reckon Payroll have the same problem. Before the upgrade, the clients had no error to submit STP to ATO.

I couldn't find what is wrong.

Please let me know how to solve this connection problem.



  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,190 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @David Youda Kim

    During the upgrade to Reckon Payroll, did you go through a company setup process? If so, did you enter a branch number for your ABN that is different to the one you've been using for your submissions up until now?

    What is the ABN in question here?

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  • David Youda Kim
    David Youda Kim Member Posts: 8 ✭

    I am a tax agent, so I have absolutely checked all details including a branch number when I upgrade to Reckon Payroll.

    It is not a problem for one ABN, but this is happened to all companies upgraded.

    One of my colleagues guesses it is happened by the agent details that is not immigrated together during upgrading. I couldn't also find in the new Reckon Payroll how to input or add the agent details.

  • David Youda Kim
    David Youda Kim Member Posts: 8 ✭

    Hi Rav

    Could you answer for the above question?

    Can you share any updates on the progress?


  • klaura
    klaura Reckon Staff Posts: 65 Reckon Staff

    HI David Youda Kim,

    For agent details, please log in to the Click the GovConnect on the left side of the screen, and open the STP entity of the client. At the top right, you will Company & Client Advisor.