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I have been migrated to Reckon Payroll from Payroll premier and I used to be able to edit the commission name on each line on the pay slip the on line Reckon Payroll does not seem to give me that option have I missed something? is there a note option? or do I have to do a spreadsheet and attach to a payslip like we did 20 years ago.


  • Rav
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    Hi Carol

    Reckon Payroll uses specific pay items to construct your pay run.

    If you have multiple commission items with separate names you can add as many as you wish within the single pay run however each one must be its own item.

    Its not a direct comparison but the below recording shows how you can add multiple earning items within the single pay run.

  • Carol_9289806
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    Thanks for your comment however we pay commission at varying % rates on over 1000 jobs per year of which few of them are recurring. Under the new system the staff have no way of knowing what rate they are being paid on which jobs the word "bonus" or "commission" means nothing to the staff. Creating a new item would need to be able to edit the description to Smith 50 T - $1000 x 8% on the payslip and that doesn't seem possible - it just prints "Bonus" .The old payroll did the calculation and showed the working.

    A simple notes field on each line would be a basic work around but although pretty looking functionality of the "new and improved / compliant" is disapointing