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Anu Antony
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Hi Rav

is it possible to send payslips to multiple email addresses in reckon one in phase 2. I have added a screenshot, I want to put 2 email address in the sent a copy to field, when I separate the email addresses with a semi colon it shows an error.

thank you



  • Rav
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    Hi Anu

    At this stage, that field only supports sending to one email address at a time. If you wish to send a copy to a second email address, send it off to the first one and once that is done, hit the Send Pay Slips button again and enter the second email address.

    Do you usually send copies of payslips to multiple email addresses regularly or is it more a rare occurrence?

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  • Anu Antony
    Anu Antony Member Posts: 25 ✭
    edited October 2023

    sorry, I only saw this answer now Rav, I had called Reckon, it is sorted now. could you please help me with this issue, I updated the superannuation details in Reckon one for a staff and changed to their SMSF fund name. I also disabled the super fund details in settings and added the SMSF details. But the payslip still shows the old super fund not SMSF. If you want to know the book name please let me know. thank you

  • Tanvi_kataria
    Tanvi_kataria Reckon Staff Posts: 92 Reckon Staff

    Morning @Anu Antony

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    Can you share details for your book with the issues (Email Address, Name of the Book)? Please DM me the details and will have a look for you.

    Also, please share that with the support for us to investigate for you. Thank you!



  • Anu Antony
    Anu Antony Member Posts: 25 ✭

    tahnk you, I have shared the details.