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Have migrated from Payroll Premier to Reckon Payroll today - I am currently reviewing each employee and in the "Other" field it is requesting I

"Enter employee's superannuation details"

Our junior employees do not get paid super as they work under 30 hours - Can someone please advise the workaround for this.



  • Rav
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    Hi @Samantha_9713244

    You just need to add in the default system super fund to that employee's profile. That doesn't mean you need to pay them super, there just needs to be a super fund, in this case, the generic/default system super fund applied to each employee.

    Go to Settings ➡ Superannuation Funds

    Click the Create Superannuation Fund button ➡ APRA regulated ➡ Enter 'Default' in the Fund Name field then select the Default Super Fund option that appears in the list ➡ Create

    Once you've done that go back to the employee that you're trying to edit and click on Step 4 - Other Details and scroll to the superannuation section.

    Assign the default super fund you've just created to the employee.

    Update any other details you need to such as phone number, email address, DOB etc etc and save the employee profile.

    Let me know how you get on.

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    Thanks @Rav - That worked

    I am also encountering the below error:

    I have sent onto my migration specialist who said he will pass onto the migration team but wondering if you have any suggestions.

    I have 90 employees to review before my next payroll and they are all getting this error message