Updating Checklist for Phase 2

Hi, as I'm not yet totally compliant Phase 2 STP, I'm on the STP Payroll via the iPad app and also watching the Reckon "Get ready for STP Phase Checklist" video. In "Prepare Allowances", there's a whole bunch of allowances (e.g. Laundry, Meal, Transport etc) that are totally irrelevant to me, yet have a Status marked "ACTIVE" and seem to require some sort of "STP Phase 2 Type" selection via a drop down menu. I don't require these allowances, so how do I deal with them? Kind regards, Graeme


  • Rav
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    Hi Graeme

    If you don't need those allowance items and they haven't been used in a pay run then you can delete them. Go to Settings ➡️ Allowances ➡️ Allowances to view all the current existing allowance items. You can then delete any that are not relevant to you if required.

  • GraSalReckon
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    Hi Rav, I found it under Settings/Pay Items. Once again, thank you so much. Regards, Graeme