How to print a pay slip for past pay run once switched to STP Phase 2

Riverdell Member Posts: 6 โœญ


Can I please be given the steps to print a pay slip from a STP Phase 1 pay run now that I have switched to Phase 2?

There doesn't seem to be a 'button' or indicator anywhere like in Phase 1 to print pay slips.

Thanks in advance


  • Rav
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    Hi @Riverdell

    If you go to a previous pay run that you've created, you'll see a Send Pay Slips button which will allow you to open and view any payslips for the employees included in that pay run by selecting the View Payslip option. You can then also print any of those payslips if needed.

  • Riverdell
    Riverdell Member Posts: 6 โœญ

    Thanks, Rav. i was too scared to click on Send Pay Slips in case it merely emailed the pay slips to the employees again!