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Hi @Rav

When you used to lodge STP's through Gov Connect you were able to click the 'detail' hyperlink which would allow you to see the break down of YTD figures you have submitted to the ATO. See pic below:

Submitting STP files through Reckon Payroll no longer has this same option?

The ATO have suggested to check your last STP1 report against your first STP2 report to check all details have been transferred across correctly:

Where we can find the detail/breakdown of STP2 lodgements?

This book i have already rolled over to STP2 as a test for the others, so i will continue to lodge through Reckon Payroll despite still not being completely satisfied with the program.



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    One of the benefits of Reckon Payroll is the STP submission process is integrated within the platform so there is no longer any need to switch back and forth between the software and GovConnect. Also, Reckon Payroll is pretty much WYSIWYG in the sense that what you're entering into your pay runs is what will be submitted via the associated STP submission.

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    That doesn't help us for review purposes Rav.

    Can you also link the help video for creating aba files I cannot find it.

    Also where about is the default super fund settings in Reckon Payroll?