My R1 timesheets are being doubled on R Payroll

Hari Raju
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I have managed to work out timesheets, and how they are imported into Payroll PayRun.

But every employee gets a double entry. e.g. Ordinary x 76 hours + Ordinary x 76 hours + Super 11% + Super 11%.

It doesn't matter whether the employee completes a timesheet or not, both situations cause duplicates: For employees who do not need to submit a timesheet, their hours are added as per their default to PayRun; For others, their timesheets populate the PayRun.

What is happening?

PS. Upgrade from R1 to Payroll recently


  • Rav
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    Hi @Hari Raju

    So just to clarify, this is happening for all employees regardless of whether a timesheet is imported or not, correct?

    If you create a pay run for just the employees who do NOT use a timesheet with the 'Use timesheet data to create pay run' option unticked, does that also result in doubled up items appearing in the pay run?

  • Hari Raju
    Hari Raju Member Posts: 13

    Correct. I have 1 employee who has fixed hours, so no timesheet. The others complete timesheets, which are imported using the option you have highlighted. If I only included employees with timesheet, they all have duplicated timesheet hours. When all as a single payrun, the default items were duplicated for the individual without timesheet (and all others duplicated as per timesheets).

    I did not try without those who have a timesheet, since the primary purpose of upgrading to Timesheet was to allow timesheets to generate payruns... Can run a trial later and feedback.

  • Hari Raju
    Hari Raju Member Posts: 13
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    Still happening - exactly the same. This is annoying and is more than doubling the time it takes for me to do a payrun.

  • Hari Raju
    Hari Raju Member Posts: 13


    Time for my 3rd payrun. Hoping it might have magically sorted itself out. But not optimistic.

    Disappointed you've lost interest in resolving this for me.

    With no meaningful support outside this forum to sort this issue out, I'm going to have to look for R1 alternatives.

  • Eric Murphy
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    I'm venturing a guess but I'd say there's something in your settings or configuration that's causing this. I've upgraded a few clients to the new payroll who use timesheets who have been ok.

    Just call their technical support over the phone on Monday

  • Hari Raju
    Hari Raju Member Posts: 13

    @Rav @Eric Murphy

    Thanks Eric

    Will feedback here if they can resolve it.

    Does seem odd that the doubling occurs using [2x Timesheet] data (for those with Timesheets) or [2x Default] data (for those without Timesheets), not [default pay items + Timesheet].

    I thought there should be no setting where doubling should occur as it does - I cant think in what situation this would be deliberate.