Error message when submitting STP "Either the ATO is down or Reckon SBR is unavailable."

E-Lan Member Posts: 27 ✭✭

This week got the above error.

The strange thing is last week submission which were successfully then, now also showed up with the same error message.

All submissions in Sept-Oct 2023 were ok.

Do advise.


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,087 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @E-Lan

    That error message usually means an issue with the ATO's SBR2 service at the time of your submission. I'd recommend sending it through again as a normal submission using the resubmit option in Reckon Payroll.

  • E-Lan
    E-Lan Member Posts: 27 ✭✭

    Hi Rav, Thanks.

    1. payroll (30-3/11, paid on 6/10) sent through properly, and showed up as success (hopefully does not turn to error again later on)
    2. but last week payroll (6-10/11, paid today 13/11), showed up as error. error message is "The date entered for Pay/Update Date must not be later than today's date". when i click on resubmit to ATO, there is no date option to amend etc. Also, not sure if amending date under draft, will result in my subsequent payroll dates being jumbled up.