Submitted Pay run twice to ATO STP reporting

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When I checked Compliance in Payroll in Reckon One, I noticed that a couple of pay runs weren't listed as submitted to ATO. So I actioned "Resubmit to ATO" for each of them.

Now, in ATO portal, under STP Reporting, there are 2 duplicates of the payruns. Apparently Reckon One had actually submitted the original pay runs, but it did not update on the Compliance tab in Reckon One so it appeared they weren't submitted. How can I remove the duplicate submissions on the ATO portal through the Reckon One end?


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  • Rav
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    Hi Dave

    Existing submissions that have already been sent can't be removed however something to keep in mind is, Single Touch Payroll is reported on a Year To Date basis only for employee balances ie. the sending the same submission over again won't impact YTD balances.

    When it comes to BAS pre-fill data however, you may notice the additional submissions may have inflated the W1 & W2 balances. If that's the case, then I believe you can edit the W1 & W2 fields and enter in the correct balances.