why is my pay run failing to be marked as paid

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the message i am getting is that it can't be finished as it contains at least one inACTIVE employee. i only have 1 employee and she is marked as active in the employee list

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  • Rav
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    Morning @AMV

    Go into Settings ➡️ Superannuation Funds ➡️ Inactive Funds and just check if there are any funds listed there. Example below.

    If you find any that are inactive in this tab, please re-enable it.

    If there are no inactive super funds, then just do the same for pay items by going to Settings ➡️ Pay Items ➡️ Superannuation

    Confirm that all super items are in an Active status. If there are any that are inactive, re-enable them. Do the same for Earnings items as well.

    Let us know how you go.

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  • Lucas
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    Hi @AMV,

    Please contact our support team on 1300 756 663, it will require an escalation to get this fixed.

    Did you previously migrate from one of our other products?



  • AMV
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    Hi Rav

    Thank you. There was a super fund that was inactive and after it was enabled the payrun was completed.