Migrating from Reckon Accounts Desktop to...?

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Hi all,

I have a client who is currently using Reckon Accounts Desktop, and their annual subscription is coming due. Due to the significant increase in cost, we are looking at migrating their file to another Reckon product.

I'd love to hear about others' experiences migrating from RAD to another Reckon product - whether that is Reckon Accounts Hosted, or Reckon One. Business owner isn't fussed and is happy to go with my recommendation.

Client is in the construction industry, Family Trust structure, approx turnover just over $1m annually, and has 5 employees.

They currently manually manage sub-contractors (give the good ol' ring-around to see who is available for a specific job), but I'm keen to see if we can automate some of that management with some kind of integration (Fergus, Tradify or similar) to take the pressure off my client.

Love to hear your recommendations and experience!


  • Kris_Williams
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    Reckon accounts hosted is the same basically as Desktop, but i think a little more expensive. The advantage is that you can move your current file directly into Hosted and features are much the same so you would have no problem, it can also be used from any computer as it is online and stored on Reckon’s servers.

    Reckon One is totally different, the file cannot be moved over and so would have to be setup from scratch. The screens are totally different and for me at least would be quite foreign to use after years of using Reckon desktop/Hosted

    This also is online so can be accessed from any computer

    i have no experience with the integration programs you mention. I hope this gives you some relevant feedback

  • Rav
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    Hi @DebR

    While Reckon Accounts Hosted and Reckon One are both cloud accounting software services, they're quite different in a lot of ways.

    Firstly, Reckon Accounts Hosted is a more mature software in terms of its features and functionality. Its based on our Reckon Accounts Enterprise software but with the added benefits of the cloud ie. you can login from an internet browser on any PC. Its more advanced and its features cover a broad spectrum for small to enterprise level accounting software requirements.

    Reckon One is the newer kid on the block and its a new cloud service built on newer technology and is super affordable along with being customisable in terms of features through its plans. While its not as rich as Hosted in terms of functionality for larger businesses, its an awesome solution for small business and is continually evolving.

    Each software has its own way of doing things so my recommendation to you would be to give each one a test drive by taking out a free 30 day trial and see how it works for you and your requirements 🙂

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  • DebR
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    Hi @Rav ,

    Thank you. My client and I have decided to go with transferring over to Accounts Hosted. How can we best organise this?