Payroll summary changed after RESC fixed for EOFY Report

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Hi Team,

I have a huge problem. I lodged the EOFY report to the ATO yesterday and it came back successful.

However, upon checking the payroll summaries from September to December 2023 when I had issues with Salary sacrifice, the amounts I originally printed off are different to the reports I printed off today after the RESC issue was fixed. Some of the gross figures totals have changed. Also total net figures, total pre-tax and total RESC figures too. Now I'm in a dilemma what to do. I have to further investigate this matter tomorrow and does this affect the EOFY already lodged? Do I have to revoke it and resubmit or is it too late?

This is the last thing I needed after the stress I've been under sorting out the salary sacrifice issues.

Help needed asap!



  • Tanvi_kataria
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    Hi @JANE_9714211

    This would be okay to have the resubmission for same EOFY. Once you have all sorted in terms of the Gross Figures, NET figures, etc., Create a EOFY Report again and if you're happy with the figures, resubmit to ATO. Thank you!



  • JANE_9714211
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    Hi Tanvi,

    I only changed the details for one employee but the reports printed off today are totally different to what they were originally and other employees details seem to be affected too now. I'm very worried about this as I don't know how to fix it. I only have until Friday before the deadline to resubmit.

    Why have the details changed so drastically.

  • Rav
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    What reports are you printing and comparing specifically? When you say the reports are totally different, what exactly is different and what do you think should it be? ie. What is the issue?

    Before we get too far down the road here I'll just make a quick observation, you've mentioned payment summaries in your opening post. Are you referring to the old payment summaries required to be given to employees prior to STP coming into effect?

    If so, those payment summaries are obsolete but more importantly they shouldn't be used to compare or review data in a financial year that includes STP Phase 2 submissions as they won't reflect accurately particularly if you've made changes.

    This year things are going to be little different as there is a mixture of STP Phase 1 and STP Phase 2 balances within the same financial year and it's important to understand the impact disaggregation has -

    Disaggregation of gross in your EOFY finalisation in Reckon Payroll 📅

    Understanding how to prepare and reconcile your EOFY with Reckon Payroll 📅

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  • JANE_9714211
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    Hi Rav,

    I printed off the payroll summaries (not payment summaries) for each month (Sept-December 2023) showing all the details of payments made for our employees.

    Details such as Pre-tax, RESC, Net Pay, Gross pay total amounts have changed across these (Sept-December 2023 reports) I printed yesterday, as opposed to the exact same reports printed off for our records last year.

    My concern in all of this is that there will be a discrepancy with the EOFY figures submitted to ATO. As I am unqualified to rectify this matter myself and now it's too late get outside help to look at this before 14/7/2024, I believe there must be some glitch in the Reckon software. If you could see the reports, you would agree there's been a change. The details in the reports shouldn't have changed so drastically.

    The only detail I had fixed was the RESC for one employee for the EOFY report. I thought all was ok but clearly not.