Why do I get an Error 1603 when installing Personal Plus on MAC Parallels v8?

Brian_6557931 Member Posts: 2

I am trying to install Personal Plus 2013 on my Mac under Parallels version 8, but during the install I get error 1603.

I have looked at the FAQs and tried running the installation from the disk1 directory on the hard drive but still get the problem.

Any suggestions would be very helpful as I am new to this whole virtual machine environment




  • David Thommo Thomson
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    Hi Brian

    I am also try to install Rekkon Accounts on a mac using parallels ver 8. I am getting an error 1920. Have you had success yet? I am getting no help from Tech support at Rekkon.
  • Inigo
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    Hi guys,

    Try the following steps which may get around the "Error 1920: Service QB Database Manager Service failed to start" issue.

    Browse to the contents of the DVD and find the autorun.exe file.

    If ‘file extensions are hidden’, you should see a few autorun files listed, only one of them will say Application in the Type column:

    Right click that file & choose Properties.

    Enable the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and choose Windows 7


    Click OK and run the autorun.exe file. 


  • Brian_6557931
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    I ended up starting again and reinstalling Parallels and then Personal Plus and this time it worked but i have no idea why. The system is working fine except for 2 annoying things
    • Each time I start Personal Plus it asks whether I am a new customer rather than just opening the file it had open last time
    • Each time i use the automated function to download share prices it updates them and then crashes.
    Overall not a great product in a non standard environment