How do i cancel a layby that hasn't been collected and has money owing?

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    Hi Vashti,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community and thank you for your question.

    Could you please provide us with the steps you have taken to create the layby? This is needed so we can give you the steps necessary to finish off this layby since different methods (example: partial payments etc.) changes the steps needed to rectify this.

    Based on your steps, we'll replicate it and get back to you with possible solutions.


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    Hi there, I too have the same question. Also for 'customers" that were created either with transaction errors or as tests. I have posted my question here also;

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    i 2 would love this answered. The only way I know to do layby is

    1. Add new layby customer

    2. Scan item and tender layby

    3. go back into customer and put in amount paid and click layby payment.

    I have many laybys sitting there that have been cancelled and I never worked out how to cancel. Especially if a payment has been made



  • Graham Boast
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    Cancel a Layby

    Example - Layby is $100 with $20 paid and $80 outstanding

    Layby Customer
    Scan 1st Item returned
    Scan 2nd item returned ... repeat for all items
    2000 Tender Cash
    8000 Tender Layby

    Layby Customers
    can be deleted from POS Administrator > Layby Button > Select Layby Customer > Delete

    My website has some Youtube videos on processing other transaction in POS that you may find useful.

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