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Nathan Ridge
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I was wondering if somebody could please help me, the reckon accounts database manager and multi-user setup is doing my head in.

I have a 2008 R2 server that I intend to host the data file. I have installed the database manager only on the server and reckon accounts only on the workstations. I run the database manager on the server, pick the folder, hit scan and it creates the .nd file.

If i then open the file from a workstation it opens, if in single user mode I see the .nd file is server mode 2, it works but the file is locked, as soon as anyone else tries to access the file it says its open switch to multi-user. If i then switch the file to multi-user the .nd file changes from the ip address of the server to the IP of the workstation, which then works ok in multi-user until that workstation is turned off and things break again. I can run the database manager again, scan the folder, it changes the ip in the .nd back to the server but as soon as another workstation opens it again it becomes the host and around and around we go.

Can someone please explain what im missing here and what is needed to make the sever be the host, allow multi-user mode without the workstations with reckon accounts only becoming the hosts.

Thanks in advance.



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