Setting up a staff member who is on a salary

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Hi all, I am wondering if it is best for me to set the salaried staff up as hourly staff as well so that I can adjust for Annual Leave and Personal Leave easier? 

I am used to MYOB where the dollar value of the leave in-putted reduces their salary for the pay period but this does not appear to happen in Reckon. 

Also, I found that when entering the hours of leave taken for hourly staff it is not reducing the base hours for hourly staff either, should this happen or is it normal to have to reduce the base hours manually when paying leave?

Thanks so much in advance for any help that can be given. I am new to reckon and am really enjoying the transition so far but just have to get used to some of the differences in coming from MYOB. 



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    Hi Rosie,

    Welcome to Reckon :) You can in fact use both and it will split the salary amount into the 2 rows depending on how the hours are split i.e. 32/8, 20/20, etc.

    But often the use of the hourly rate is easiest.

    But it doesn't reduce the hours - you do need to do this manually.

    Kind regards,

    Sally McIntosh

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    Ok no worries. Thanks