Why wont Reckon Accounts accept TFN?

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Why I cannot put a TFN which start as 8 ?
for example 8xx xxx xxx


  • Mirko
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    Hey Chelsea,

    I've tested entering my own TFN into a dummy file (mine starts with a 8) and it worked, though changing one number in the middle made it invalid.

    Please check the number being entered again.

    As per http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tax_File_Number#Check_digit a tax file number must be a multiple of 11.

    Reckon Accounts does not have a list of TFN's but it does perform this number check to ensure it is a valid number.


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    I have several tax file numbers that are not recognized which is making things difficult to print off the Group Certs.
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    Hey Terry, welcome to the community. Try running the digit check in the above link. If it comes back negative, you might need to recheck the TFN's with the staff. Thanks, Mirko
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    Hi all,

    I' m having the same issue and its getting frustrating. It pops up this window: image

    The TFN given to me is correct with 9 digits. Is there a link or checking system I can confirm? The TFN given to me starts with a 2.


  • Reckon FAQs
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    Hi Kellie,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Accounts Business checks the validity of number you entered according to the formula used by the ATO.

    Make sure you have not entered a space after the last digit or before the first digit.

    Otherwise, the TFN number you were given is most likely incorrect.  Please have your employee check the number they gave you. 

    For more information about what makes a valid TFN, see:

    Hope this helps.

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    I have run the TFN validation check and the result is the the TFN is valid. Reckon wont let me process STP because the TFN is missing or invalid.

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    @BrianG There are specific number formats to use for various scenarios.

    In Reckon Accounts/Hosted, you can find the list & explanations for these under the Employee dropdown menu > Tax Table Information Tax Table Info > Tax File Numbers

    (FYI: The ATO advises using the all 1’s format where the employee doesn’t provide a valid TFN:


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