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After creating an employee SGA contributions report for the last payroll year I have noticed that not all super previously paid have an amount the 'Amount Paid' column or a date in the 'Date
Paid' column.

All super liabilities were paid using the custom liabilities option and selecting the appropriate date range. If I go back into the custom liabilities page for the date range of the super items missing from the date paid column, it indicates that there are no outstanding liabilities for that period.

What have I been doing wrong as this has not happened for every payment? How would I best fix this?


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    Hello Orpmoc,

    Thank you for using Reckon Community, apologise for the late reply.

    About the issue, have you tried running the verify and rebuild to the file.


    1. Click File - utilities - verify then after rebuild

    if doing this still showing the same, please click the link below to see if doing the steps on the link show you the right information you needed.

    Let me know how you went.

    Kind Regards,


  • Orpmoc
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    Tried the rebuild with nothing changing.

    Tried the link and even though I was running ReckonAccounts 2013, tried the suggestions without any change. Only yesterday, I upgraded to 2014 but this has had no effect.

    Any further suggestions?

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    I just had the same problem I was able to fix one issue by deleting the liability cheque and then going back into pay liabilities but the other ones are cheque that has already been cleared and reconciled so I am not sure I can delete and redraw without screwing up reconciliiation. I did ring support but I don't think they understood my problem
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    I've got the same issue. Discovered that when the liability cheque was being created, the wrong bank account was being selected (wages clearing). Even though it was later changed to the correct account, it didn't pick up the paid amount or date. Same - can't delete the cheques that have been reconciled.

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    Can’t you journal the payments from one bank to the other?