cant copy the URL in the internal browser of Quickbooks

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i like to be able to use my own browser to view these support pages, but i cant copy the URL in these pages, eg i cant copy the URL for this page. [using the internal browser in quickbooks]


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    Hey UserFromV1, you are unable to interact with the address bar within Reckon Accounts. But here is the URL for the support page:

    I might be worthwhile saving that to your web browser of choice for convenience.


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    thanks Mirko!

    while I have your attention, I found another problem that may also exist in future or newer versions.

    In tax invoices, there are 3 date fields: date, due date and shipping date. However there is on "today's" date. This is an issue especially when you use memorised transactions with invoices dated into the future, and, I use customer balance field at the time these invoices are generated, but require that the invoice at that time show today's date tied in with the customer balance otherwise the data is nonsense or out of date.

    many thanks

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    UserFromV1, you may want to post your new question as a new topic so that people who may want to assist you can actually find the question.

    Give it a good problem title so that people can recognise what areas the problem relates to.

    How To Ask Good Questions To Get Good Answers