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Gerard Scott
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Hi, Have a costomer with POS Pro 2013 and a serial Posiflex pp7000 printer. We are tring to hook a buzzer to the kitchen printer. Do I have to configure the software to think there is a cash drawer attached and to open the drawer every time it prints or should it just work by default?


  • Jay Jay
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    Hi Gerard,

    Thanks for your post, with in the Reckon POS system, there is no setting for a bell with in the system, and we are the software support side which we do not hold any information about this printer. the setting of the bell could be a system default which when it print it will ring, or it could be a hardware function like a switch to turn it on or off, or maybe it has a software driver which control this.

    Sorry we could not confirm this, I would suggest for you to seek for further information from the printer maker.

  • Gerard Scott
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    Hi, The buzzer hooks in where the cash drawer would normally connect, Is there a software switch in quick POS to open the cash drawer in the kitchen?