Support for 2013 HIM with Free Reckon 2015 Upgrade

Karl Baker
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I have just upgraded from Reckon Personal Plus 2013 to Reckon P+ 2015 via the free 2015 O+ free upgraded provided by Reckon after the recent stock price service debacle. My 2015 P+ upgrade seems to have worked fine - installed, activated and registered. However - the free upgrade didn't cover Reckon Home Inventory Manager - that was not provided as part of the free upgrade. I was not prompted to uninstall HIM prior to upgrading to P+ 2015. Now I am using Reckon 2015 I find:

* HIM 2013 will not open from within P+ 2015

* I can open HIM 2013 directly from it's own 'run icon'.

* I don't think that the HIM 2013 'Update Reckon' routine is working, although I don't get a system message one way or the other. No surprise there given P+ is in s new folder.

SO - what do I have to do to continue to use HIM 2013 in an integrated fashion with Reckon P+ 2015? I have been using both products for at least 15 years now.


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    Mate I just had this issue as well. HIM when you launch it offers only two options. One is to create a new file and the other is to convert an old file. No option to open an existing file. Bizarre.

    What I ended up doing is creating a new file which allowed the program to run and get to the main user interface with an empty data file. At this point I was able to choose File > Open and select my existing 2013 file. It opened fine and when I clicked on Update Reckon Accounts it worked fine and everything is back to normal.

    Dodgy but it worked. Just ensure you know where your existing QHI file is and make a backup incase you accidentally overwrite it. 
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    Further to this it appears there are two versions of Home Inventory Manager in the Install Files that get extracted to C:\TEMP\HAB\DISK1 by default.
    There is a "Reckon Essentials Home Inventory" that looks like the old version as well as a "Reckon Home Inventory Manager" which from the dates of the files appears to be new.
    I initially installed this new one (after uninstalling the old version manually) by running the setup file. This did not work. I then tried running the file Qhinstall.exe in the Install folder and got a better result. 
    After install I had to go through the palaver mentioned in my post above to create a new blank file so I could then re-open my existing file.

    I could find no reference to installing Home Inventory in the main installation files or included documentation. Having to work this out for ones' self is pretty painful. 

    Hoping my post assists people.