ZJ-5890TGeneric Thermal Printer

Lisa Hall
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I have the above mentioned thermal printer which has a cash drawer connected to it. I can download its software from a disc provided to create a windows printer it then works through the windows test rint page through the USB 0001 port, I have read through all the forums in which Graham has said to remove and uninstall as a windows printer which i have done, i rebooted and then went to device manager i have an LTP1 port and a COM3 port open however when i put the USB cord into the computer nothing else shows up in device manager so I am not sure what I am doing wrong?

The printer has worked with free POS software so I dont think that it is the printer well at least I am hoping it isn't

Please help I am due to open my retail shop in a few days and need this issue to be resolved.

Thank you in Advance