Reckon Accounts plus 2014 - Jobs and Estimates Preference

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So I would like to find out if this version of Reckon allows for the creation of Estimates. 

I was advised by my book keeper to purchase this version with the understanding that I could create Estimates as well as Invoices for my customers. 

Does this version allow for Estimates to be created for customers? 
If so, Can somebody please assist me with how to turn this feature on? 

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    Go to "edit'>preferences>jobs & estimates>tab Company Preferences>Do you create estimates say YES
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    I go to edit>preferences... but there is no Jobs and Estimates listed on the left hand pane of the dialogue box..
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    Jessica I was advised that qb 2014 plus doesnt have estimates included. regards mark
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    Thank you for confirming this for me mark. 

    This is quite disappointing, my book keeper advised me to purchase this version of reckon. 

    Is there any way around this? 
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    I'm not sure about this I think you may have go up to next level? I thought the same as you and saw the icon for estimates tried to access and it kept falling over so I went to the help section and found out that way via a existing customer. I just a template I found in word and just write up my quotes that way. Mark
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    Accounts Plus does not support estimates. You will need to go up to the next level which is Pro 

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    Thanks for you posts guys. Jess - if you contact our Customer service team on 1800 RECKON they can look at getting you up to Pro. Cheers, Mirko.
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    Thank you for your advice, I too have just created a template to use. However it is still a little bit of a pain. 

    A solution none the less so thank you so much for your help :)
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    Not sure about Accounts Plus, but have a look at this, it could be a work-around.

    Open a blank invoice using any template, now go to "Edit" and have a look and see if there is an option called "Mark this invoice as pending".

     If you have this option you can use it instead of an actual Estimate. Set up an invoice template and change the name to "Estimate".  There is an option were you can tell it to mark the invoice as "Pending" make sure this is turned off. Now just 'mark the invoice as pending and it will be the same as an estimate just has a different name.

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    this is what i do but when i email reckon auto maticaly assigns the file name of the attachment as INV #### this can be confusing to the customer. 
    does any one know ho to change the filename default