Upgrade from Reckon Accounts 2013 to Pro 2014 - Wont show any of the new features when using my back

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Ive recently upgraded from Reckon accounts 2013 to Reckon Accounts Pro 2014 as I now am employing staff. I upgraded the software fine, however when I open my backup file in the new Pro, it just goes back to the Acocunts 2013 icons (no payroll, estimates etc....).

PLEASE tell me that I can use my old data from Acocunts 2013 as this is alot of data to put back in as its the middle of the financial year....

Help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Graham Boast
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    Hi Michael

    The icons that Reckon will display depend on which preferences are activated via the Company Preferences Tabs under Edit > Preferences.

    Payroll is turned on via the Payroll and Employees tab as per screenshot above.  You should also look at Jobs & Estimates and Time Tracking tabs which are only found in Pro & above).   Several other tabs have different options from Plus, particularly the Accounting Tab (Multicurrency in Premier and Above), Items and Inventory (Units  of Measure), and Sales and Customers (Price Levels)

    Best of all, you wont have to reenter half a year's data.

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  • Michael_7239730
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    Great, thanks alot for the quick response... lifesaver!!!!! Would I do the same thing for:
    "enter Bills"
     "pay Bills"
    "statement Charges"