Clearing partially paid Supplier Bills

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I have suppliers within pay bills that show balances still owing even though they are showing fully paid within the register.  Under the supplier centre the bill is only showing partially paid but when I delete and re-enter it doesn't clear this amount.  How can I clear this remaining balance?


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    Hi Lydna,

    Have a look at the bill you are trying to pay.  If there are any lines on the bill with a negative amount say for a discount or something this is probably causing the problem, and preventing you from applying the full payment.  If so delete the payment, remove that negative line from the bill, create a bill credit for the negative line, go into pay bills and apply the bill credit first, then pay the rest.  The bill will then accept the full payment.

    Let me know how it goes.


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    Hi Lynda,

    Assuming your bill payments are reconciled, all you need to do is remove the discounted line in the bill and create a bill credit. Then you can apply the "extra" amount from the bill and the bill credit in the pay bills screen to clear it out.

    This will more than likely affect your tax if you are on a cash basis though.

    Kind regards,

    Sally McIntosh ([email protected])

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    Can this issue please get fixed in the upcoming update?? It's so frustrating that this known issue has hung around so long without being rectified. Sick of work arounds for this. Please fix it.