I have quicken 6.0 and need to upgrade as it won't load on my new computer with windows 7?

Robyn Babbage
Robyn Babbage Member Posts: 7
I have found quicken deluxe 2015 but they seem to be all in America.  Is this  version available in Australia and can I buy an upgrade version from my old one and will my files convert across?


  • gavin.nicholson.au
    gavin.nicholson.au Member Posts: 78
    edited November 2014
    Look at what people are saying on here about the program first! You might be able to find a cheap older version However if you still want to buy it google "buy reckon personal 2015"
  • Mirko
    Mirko Reckon Alumni Posts: 1,256 ✭✭
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    Like Kevin said, you can run in XP mode on win7 pro. Alternatively, you can look into upgrading to latest version. The get started guide will run you through the upgrade path from v6 > 2015. As Gavin mentioned, feel free to run through the threads to read up on the new version and issues other users have experienced, before you make your decision.