How to back up personal plus 2015 up to include scanned docs

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How do i make sure that all  my scanned files that i have scanned will go across to  new version of personal plus 2015 from previous ver had great trouble last time and paid for  tech help $250 and told I had backed up incorrectly and I should of done  it a differently everything else worked fine just none of my scanned docs where there  if you want to retain you scanned docs what is the correct procedure do you tick or uptick backup data to compressed archive (.rkn)file ?Has any body else had this problem ?  


  • Dean Bajevic
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    Hi Kim,

    You will need to untick the box Backup data to compressed archive (.rkn) file.

    For more detail info on this, please view the document from the link below

    "There are no attachments available message when restoring a backup in ReckonAccounts 2013."

    Even though the document relates to ReckonAccounts 2013, this can be applied to ReckonAccounts 2015



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