How to download ANZ Bank transaction in Reckon Account H&B

Richard Chang_7319357
Richard Chang_7319357 Member Posts: 3
Cannot set up download transaction. Set Up Download is grey outimage


  • Dean Bajevic
    Dean Bajevic Alumni Posts: 30
    edited June 2016
    Hi Richard,

    Set Up Download is not available since this is a feature that has been enabled for the US edition of Quicken only.

    Currently the only way to import transactions into what we now call Reckon H&B is by importing the QIF file manually.

    The document below shows you how to perform this task

  • Malcolm Powers
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    edited July 2016
    You have to watch out though, there is a problem since Quicken Home and Business 2007, 2009, and still in 2015!! QIF file import behaviour differs depending on which type of account is receiving the transactions!

    When you import into a Savings or Credit Card account it works as expected, each downloaded transaction can be matched or entered new via the 'Downloaded Transactions' panel at the bottom of the page.

    BUT... when you perform the same actions to import transactions into a Liability account i.e. a home loan or line of credit, the software automatically entered every transaction without any opportunity to check any of them!!

    This is an absolute pain as existing transfers between other accounts get duplicated and it creates a reconciling and categorising nightmare. You need to enter transactions manually in some accounts and not use the QIF import.