Accounts not shown in the FROM dropdown window in TRANSFERS

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I have just purchased RA Personal Plus 2015 and all well except with Transfers; the FROM dropdown window only displays my one Cash Bank Account and not my two Investment Accounts meaning I can't Transfer from the Investment Accounts to the one Bank Cash Account (can only do it by trnasferring the wrong way then later edit from a credit to a debit


  • Dan Fardon
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    I think you may have set up your investment account so that it is linked to a cash or savings account. In my 1997-2003 Quicken/Reckon file I had not linked the investment accounts to cash/cheque accounts, and was able to transfer monies between the investment accounts and cash/cheque a/cs OK.

    Then when I bought the next Quicken upgrade and created a new file, I linked the investment a/c to a cheque/cash, and found I could no longer transfer monies as I wanted to. Instead, I had to make dummy transactions to transfer investment transactions to the correct accounts.

    When that file became corrupted in late 2013, I had to create a new Reckon file, but this time, I did not link the investment accounts to cash or chequing accounts. In this current file, I can do what I was able to do originally with my 1997 file, namely move monies straight from any cash or cheque account to any investment account and vice versa, without the need for any dummy transactions.

    Hope this helps.

    Dan Fardon