Transfer cancelled message when trying to enter a TXFR transaction in Personal Plus. Please Help!

Tom Morros
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I am trying to enter in a transaction in Personal plus where i transfer money from one account to the other (such as a mortgage payment) however i keep getting a transfer cancelled message when trying to complete the transaction


  • Lax
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    Hi Tom,

    Thank you for the post.

    Sorry to hear that.

    This error maybe caused by incorrect home currency set up or there may have been complication during the installation.

    you can find more information here:

    Keep us posted on the issue.

  • Dan Fardon
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    I am using Reckon Personal Plus and have been doing this every month for many years.

    The system I use is as follows:

    a) Create an Account Balances Report showing the present balances of your parent account and the destination account before the transfer.

    b) In the Reckon register of your parent account create the transfer transaction: I) In the Category Box, click the down arrow, and click Transfers - this will show the list of your accounts; ii) click the destination account - this will cause the destination account to be shown in the Category Box; iii) move the cursor to the Amount Box and type the amount of the transfer; iv) Click Enter.

    c) Now examine the Account Register Balances Report, and check that the final balances are as you had expected. If they are not, go back and check your sums or ament the transaction in the Register.

    If you are using Tags, you can use this system with Split Transactions to move tagged money from a high interest term deposit account to a low interest cheque account and vice versa to pay bills. This enables you to leave a total term deposit balance unchanged, but merely alter the tag components in the Term Deposit. If you use this system, then when you create the Account Balances Report, you need to click the Account Detail box when creating the Report. This will cause the Report to show the tag balances in each account.

    For me, this is a very, very big strength of Reckon, which puts it ahead of the rest of personal accounting software.

    Hope this helps.

    Dan Fardon 

  • Inigo
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    Hi Dan,

    Have you gone through that article that Lax asked you to check out?

    What is the Home Currency setting for your file?

  • Tom Morros
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    Thanks for the replies. I ended up removing the trial and purchased a full licensed version. The problem dissapeared however I now have another problem. After spending the last 5 hours entering in data and budgeting etc I received an error message forcing the program to close. When starting again the program states that I am using a different computer (which I am not) and asks me to buy another license. I just paid for the license and I'm definitely not paying again after only 5 hours use. What can I do. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  • Lax
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    Thank you for the reply.
    Please don't be alarmed by that error message. please contact our customer service department on 1800 732 566 and they will be able to provide you a new licence key since you have already paid for the program the licence key will be free.
  • Chris Lawson
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled "transfer cancelled" pop up. Upgraded to Personal Plus 2015 and many glitches. "Transfer Cancelled" repeatedly appears and cannot transfer between accounts established in earlier versions. Paycheque function no longer works. Some assistance to resolve would be appreciated enormously. Regards Chris
  • Shane Smith
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    I have been using Reckon Personal Plus (or the Quicken predecessor) for 15 years and if my memory serves me well this is the first time a transfer transaction has been cancelled by the software. Can anybody enlighten me as to why this might be? Regards, Shane