How to restore a backup file (QBB) in Reckon Accounts Hosted

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When you restore a company backup file (QBB) the information contained within will be extracted and converted to a regular company data file (QBW).

Note: If your company backup file (QBB) file is not on your hosted B:(Backup) drive or in your Upload folder (Q:\Upload), you can upload company backup file (QBB) to the Hosted platform by following this guide.

DATA RECOVERY: How to upload a backup file (*.QBB) from your local computer to the Reckon Accounts Hosted platform

1. Login to the Accounts Hosted platform 

2. Then launch the Accounts 20XX RX application 

3. Once the Reckon Accounts application has started:

* If you see the Reckon Accounts Login screen, press the Cancel button

* If you see the No Company Open screen

Click the File menu and click Open or Restore Company to open the backup and portable file restore wizard.

Click Restore a backup copy (.QBB) and then click Next.

The Restore From window will be displayed with the default folder location being the Hosted B: drive

From there you can locate and select the backup file that you want to restore.

If needed, click the Look in drop-down arrow and navigate to a sub-folder where you saved the backup file.

(for example, MyCompanyName (Backup).QBB).

(Note: QBB and QBM files that are uploaded from your local computer to the
hosted platform will automatically be placed in the B:(Backup) drive. All other uploaded files end up in the upload folder on the Q:(My Live) drive "Q:\Upload")

Select the backup file that you want to restore and click the Open button.

In the Restore Backup: To Location window, click Next

When the Restore To window opens you can choose to simply restore to the root of the Hosted Q: drive.

If you prefer that the resulting company data file ends up in a sub-folder or a shared folder shortcut location, then use the up-down scroll bars to locate that folder.

The resulting company data file and all of its related files will be stored in this location.

You can also change what the resulting restored company file will be called. 


Click the Save button and respond to any further messages that may be displayed.


Reckon Data Recovery Team

You can request assistance via the case request web form below.

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