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Susannah Aumann
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Product - Reckon Account Personal Plus 2015

I am posting this on behalf of my mum who is a Reckon Accounts Personal Plus user. 

She received an e-mail from Reckon on 30 July 2014 explaining the current stock price quotes functionality would no longer be active and that she would need to download a free upgrade to Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2015 to continue using this functionality.

This functionality is important to her, so she downloaded the upgrade but the stock price quotes functionality continues to be inactive. The stock prices do not update.

She has now received an invoice for $125 for her annual licence for Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2015. As you can understand, she is reluctant to pay this before resolving the stock price issue.

I contacted Reckon via their Facebook page and Mirko advised trying -  'Investing> Online Activity > Download Quotes'. She tried this but it is stuck at 50% (has been there for at least 30 minutes).

So, my questions are:

1. Is there an issue with the  'Investing> Online Activity > Download Quotes' workflow? What can we do given it is stuck at 50%? How long should the download take?

2. Does my mum have to complete this workflow every time she wants the share prices to update? She said that the share prices used to update automatically without her having to do anything.

Thank you.



  • Gavin Nicholson
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    The share price update should only take 10s of seconds not 30mins so it is unlikely it is going to work.
    Unfortunately I don't have a solution to your problem as many people have had various problems with the program which Reckon seem unable or unwilling to fix.
    If your Mum does not pay for the license then the program will stop working in toto. She has an option, either pay for the annual license and hope that something comes good in the future because she will keep paying that fee forever OR pay for a full license (which is what I did) to unshackle herself from the ripoff that the annual fee is (ie. you pay for updates and bug fixes that haven't come for years - bar the token tax line items and "bonus" addons)
    Actually there is one more option if she only recently changed to 2015 and that is see if you can buy a full license to 2014 and revert to that and manually enter the prices. This can be semi-automated.
    I have written my own web script to parse the asx website which generates a text file in the required format and I then import this into Reckon whenever I wish. If you have access to a webserver I will give you that if you are interested.
    Sorry I cant be more help :-(
  • Stan Goodacre_7441171
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    Hi, Susannah,

    I agree with Gavin that the download should only take a few seconds.
    However, I think that you should persist with Mirko as this really is a Reckon problem which they are bound to correct if you press hard enough and long enough.

    I'm not sure I agree with Gavin's approach to buying a full licence. I have no argument with paying an annual update fee even though some of the changes can be rather minimal. It gives me peace of mind and I have never had a significant problem with an update.  it's also a reasonable fee to pay to be able to do all your own financial work and tax preparation without the cost of a tax accountant.

    The only minor problem I have found  2015 is with automatic payments, while working correctly, they often leave a mess in the upcoming payments section (at the bottom of the main window) and I have to validate the file to remove them.


  • Jamaiel_6490508
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    Hi Susannah,

    Welcome to Reckon Community!

    With regards to your query, please see the settings for One Step Update from either going to the Edit menu | Preferences | Customize Online Updates or Online menu | Scheduled Updates.

    Moreover, follow the steps below that may be causing slowness with the update of Share Prices.

    STAGE 1: Check that the ASX Code or Ticker Symbols for the Securities are correct:

    STAGE 2: Close the program and Run as Administrator

    1. Close RAP 2015
    2. Right-click on the shortcut icon
    3. Select Properties
    4. Under Compatibility tab, tick to Run as Administrator
    5. Click Apply and OK
    6. Open RAP 2015

    You may encounter a window stating "This appears to be not the same computer..." therefore, select YES then under STEP 2 > Start over with a new Installation Key > re-enter the Install Key.

    Otherwise see if you can update your Share Prices.

    STAGE 3: Run in Compatibility Mode

    Repeat STAGE 3 but on the 4th step, select "Run this program in compatibility mode for: " and select Windows XP (Service Pack 3).

    Continue as on STAGE 2.

    If issue persist afterwards, do let us know.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,


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