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We are trying to load up POS 2013.We are currently using accounts premier 2013. We have been trying on and off to load this up for over a year. We get frustrated and put it away and try again. We keep coming up with following error when we load it up component posteft.ocx missing. Can anybody help us. Reckon want us to use the website or IT experts want us to ring reckon. Any help would be great.


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    Thanks we are not back in this branch of ours to try again till monday. Didn't think i would get replys this quick. Kevin are you over east or wa just so we know when to ring. It would be great to get this running. Currently we hand write dockets and then manually enter them into quickbooks.  We have reinstalled about 20 times i rekcon. Googled everything we could think of. 
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    For anyone else experiencing a similar issue the reason for this is the OCX file failed to register with windows for some reason or another, as a result you will need to register it manually using the dos command Regsvr32. To do this first find the file its having issue with in your case poster.ocx Most pos files will be in the c:\reckon\. And subfilders but some may be in c:\common files Or users\public\common. Once you know where the file lives then open your windows start menu and type "cmd" but before just pressing enter I recommend you right click on it and choose run as admin. Once up navigate to the location of that file you found by using the basic dos commands such as "cd reckon" to change to the reckon folder if your on the c drive and that's where your files are, if you need to go back to c the type "cd.." Anyway once your in the location of the required OCX file then type "regsvr32 posteft.ocx" and press enter. Hopefully it will come back saying succeeded. After that try pos again. Sometime there may be more then one OCX with issues so remember to pay attention to what the error message says after you try it as it may be referencing a new file. If this still isn't playing ball then uninstall pos, create a new windows user with admin rights and login as that user, then install pos again and see how you go. This can fix issues where you may have a corrupt windows profile which is more common then you may think. Just remember think POSative :) Chris
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    Hi Chris,
    Yes it could also be the Windows Home version too with the built in admin! That causes huge grief for POS installations :)
    Kind regards,
    Sally McIntosh ([email protected])
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    Haven't got back there to try these options but i know its windows 7 professional.