Spend Money - Not a regular supplier or just a random reciept

Chris P_7712295
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As an ex myob user I looked everywhere in R1 for a way to spend money without using a supplier in my list - Very easy to do in myob.
In the end I have to use JOURNAL to allocate the spending to an account and apply a credit to my bank. Took a bit of getting used to (non accountant minded - Journal entries can be confusing - "opposite land" crediting my bank account to take money out of it - Wierd!)

I would like a way to spend money on an item that is not from a supplier in my list. Like if I visit a service station in a random town and purchase some oil for my car. I don't want to add "Jim's Service Station" as a supplier to my Reckon One.


  • Melinda Jane Koth
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    In this case where you have a generic supply like in your example Jim's Service Station, I create a supplier called "fuel". That way you wont have hundreds of service stations in your supplier list

  • Spilly
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    Misc. supplier, if you wish you can add where it was spent in details.
  • Ren√®e
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    Hi Melinda,

    You have a couple of options. As suggested above you can create a supplier called Fuel and in the details put where it was or you can create a Cash Purchases card and use that as a supplier and in the notes / details specify what was used. 

  • Chris P_7712295
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    Thanks for everyones reply here. I should have mentioned that I too thought of this but decided that a question was worthwhile because Fuel or Cash Purchase or whatever other misc supplier you can think of is only a work-around. I will continue to use the journal until a better Fix is available.
    Still the best software I have used! 
    Thank you.