Is there a method of printing a copy of a bill previously entered in Reckon Accounts

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I need to print a copy of a bill entered so that when entering another bill from a similar supplier with all the same items, tax codes, GST on imported goods, customs, AQIS fees etc. so that I can refer to it when similar bills come in. It seems so complicated and unnecessary to work it all out again.


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    You might find it easy to do an  "ALT"  +   "PRINT SCREEN"   combo keystroke, and then "PASTE"  the captured screen content into a document or email for referral.   That way you get to see all the screen features, rather than just the journal content, which is typically the only print feature

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    Another way might be by Memorising the bill, that way you have the whole thing there ready to go whenever you need it, you may need to change the amounts but it's still there
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    I agree with you Charles.  And to provide a little bit of extra guidance John, whilst you might memorise that bill for Supplier # 1, when you get Supplier # 2 coming along with a similar transaction, it is simply necessary for your to recall the memorized transaction for Supplier # 1 and then change the name to Supplier # 2, together with any other details that you might want to change.  Memorising transactions is an extremely effective way of being able to recall something from the past for a similar type transaction in the future.  John G
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    Thanks Guys, I'll do the memorising thing, much appreciated.