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Karen Smith
Karen Smith Member Posts: 4
edited March 2017 in Point of Sale (Desktop)
I have just purchased the 2015 point of sale starter kit.  After much hair pulling, finally got everything to work.  My problem now is that the Senor Thermal printer is not printing the receipts correctly.  I have a $ sign on the right hand of the receipt after the description and then the price on the next line.  I have tried to find how to adjust but can"t.  Please help me.


  • Chris McGregor
    Chris McGregor Member Posts: 140
    edited October 2015
    Hi Karen, Assuming you have chosen the correct printer as Andrew pointed out the. Usually if it's doing something a little strange it's a setting in the printer it's self not the software. The hardware comes with warranty so I would suggest calling senortech and speaking to a tech rep, they should be able to trouble shoot or send replacement. Regards, Chris.
  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith Member Posts: 4
    edited April 2016
    Thanks guys, will check out the settings, etc and possibly make some calls.  will let you know how I go.
  • Angela
    Angela Member Posts: 4
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    I am having problems with the software. I have my receipt printer and kitchen printer set up and the work no probe but when it starts getting busy pos crashes and the receipt printers stop working - this has been so frustrating