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Hi everyone,

Suddenly experiencing a moment of doubt.

When setting up a new payroll category for SUPERANNUATION, should either of the following be ticked??



  • Annette_8052353
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    If this is just a standard sg super payment then no,  you don't have to tick these.

  • John Graetz
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    Hi MM.  You haven't stated what type of Superannuation payment this is - there are three different types:
    1.  If SGC, then no tick for PAYG
    2.  If Superannuation deduction, then no ticks
    3.  If Salary Sacrifice, then definitely there is a tick against PAYG Tax because you want this negative payroll item to reduce the amount of tax payable by the individual.  
    4. I do not know the answer in respect of State Payroll Tax as I have no experience with that.  Most certainly though, it will not apply in the case of a Superannuation deduction.
    John L G
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    Thanks everybody! I should have clarified that it was simply for SGC. You have both answered my question. :-)