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Greg Major
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I am renewing my Reckon Accounts Personal Plus Annual Licence.  I have paid my 2016 licence subscription (paid back in February).  I now have access through to 15 March 2017.  Licence has been receipted by Reckon so I know it is all good.  When I log into my Reckon account there are no outstanding invoices and it shows as paid in my Order History.

When I open Reckon Accounts client software I get an error message saying "Your Reckon Accounts licence has expired. Before you can use Reckon Accounts, you need to renew the licence. Do you want to do that now?"  So I say "Yes".  Then I get a dialogue box to update by phone or by going online.  Choosing the online option takes me to the Reckons accounts page, but there is nothing to pay as my account shows as already paid.  Step 2 says "apply the renewal over the internet" but that comes back with an error "Your Reckon Accounts licence has expired. Before you use Reckon Accounts you need to renew the licence. Do you want to do that now?".  And so the loop continues.

Any thoughts on how I can get this working?  I could call the toll free number but that isn't convinient for me to do during office hours.


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    Another option is to choose to do it manually by phone so you can get the product key, email it along with your customer ID through to [email protected] and ask for the license key.

    One more thing to note, make sure you are in Reckon Accounts 2016 and not 2015.  

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