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Barry O'Donnell_7879764
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I am reloading Personal Plus 2016 after having to clear my HD (after win 10:( ). Will not accept installation key from my attached letter.  And support closed over the weekend. Any suggestions?


  • Fred_7639421
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    Usually I try to keep things simple (KISS) when giving advice, however it is not clear to me as to how you cleared your HD? - Do you mean that you did a reformat and re-installed an Operating System, if so which OS are you using now? - If not, how did you clear your HD? Do you mean by reloading, you re-installed? - I have found over many years that Quicken/Reckon Software can be quite *picky* when trying to re-install. I have always found the best method when running into quirky problems is to Uninstall, then (if your comfortable with this) search through the Registry and delete all entries pertaining to Quicken/Reckon/Intuit). Also delete any leftover (Quicken/Reckon Folders) and clear any Temporary files which remain. As always BACKUP your Data Set and create a Restore Point first BEFORE/IF you start down this path.  Once you have done all this Re-install and hopefully re-register.
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    PP 3016 installation Key is both numbers and Alpha also use  REVO uninstall which removes all files and folders everywhere

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  • Barry O'Donnell_7879764
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    Yes Fred, it was a total reformat. Windows 10 had many corrupt files.
    Thanks Gerry and Andrew. I have been able to access my IKC from my members area.  I had looked there previously but thought that it required me to buy a new copy.  
    Download Software

    Select your product:   Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2016 Annual Licence   

    Once I clicked on the product I found the IKC.  

    All reloaded and working.  Thanks everyone.