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Ivan Ross
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I would like to upgrade our version of Quicken Home & Business 2008. Currently on a Windows 10 PC. Couple of questions: - given its age, is it possible to upgrade to the current version of Reckon H&B? - we don't use the GST functionality at all or create invoices in the system, so we really only need Personal Plus. Is it possible to upgrade to Personal Plus? Finally, is there an upgrade price or we have to pay the full price for the full or annual licence? Thanks Ivan


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    Hi Ivan,

    It is possible to upgrade to Home and Business 2016, but its an entirely new program you install after removing the existing one, its not an update patch you install over the existing one, so you would be purchasing the full annual license.  To continue using your current data file you will need Home and Business as it has features activated in the file which prevents Personal Plus from opening the file.  If moving to Personal Plus you would need to start a new data file.

    I hope I have answered your questions.

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    I would simply buy an upgrade to 2016 and keep using your old data file and ignore anything that you dont want to use that way you keep your history transactions as well.


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    You have, thank you