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Emma Allford
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An employee filled in his timesheet incorrectly and now I owe him pay for an extra 4 hours.  How do I process his backpay? I am using Accounts Hosted


  • Charley
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    Amend the pay to show the extra 4 hours and then pay him the difference between what you paid him then and what he should have been paid. You could run it through a clearing account
  • Emma Allford
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    How will that affect the amount on the pay cheque.  I am using bank data and when there has been a split payment in the past it has not liked it much for matching payments with the bank transactions.

  • John G
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    Hi Emma,

    Thanks for asking the Reckon Community.

    If you need to pay your employee immediately, just do another pay run just for him and the 4 hours.

    Alternatively, pay him the extra four hours in the next pay, either over his normal hours, or as an additional Ordinary Time Earnings payroll item.  

    Hope this helps.