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martin phillips
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Purchased personal plus 2016. when I go to investing and open up enter transactions the screen freezes and i have to restart the program. Any solutions?


  • John Campbell
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    Could it be that you don't have the rights to create a file in the directory where you are currently storing your qdata .* files ? You could try shifting them to an area where you do have rights.

    Microsoft has been progressively locking down key directories making it difficult to use old approaches to using files. I am assuming where you have your files stored has restricted rights, see properties for this directory.

    You could create a directory, say reckon in \ProgramData and copy your database files there by copying all your qdata.* files from the old location. Make sure you select this file using File > Open. Give it a try and see if it works, then let us know how it goes. ( to be sure, after you confirm that this works,  you could change the name of the files in the original area, eg change qdata.QDF to qdata_apr16.qdf etc) There can be up to 7 files, but I am assuming you don't have all 7 as yet.

    If you are not sure where your files are, select the File menu option, which should indicate where your qdata.* files are.


  • Raymond John Brown
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    I am experiencing the same problem.  On reinstallation it works once or twice (on one time I was able to enter multiple transactions before it froze. Operating system Windows 10 Pro.
  • martin phillips
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    Windows 8