GST Deregistration

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I have de-registered my business for GST from July 2015, although my book was opened the previous financial year as a GST business. I have entered some transactions for 2015-16, but not changed tax settings in Reckon One Core.

If I change the global Tax settings, will that change the reporting for the 2014-15 FY? Will the tax codes on the 2015-16 transaction be automatically updated so that the reporting is accurate?


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    Hi Justine While I haven't checked this. The reports should be ok, as most of them are Nett of GST anyway, eg. P&L. You will have to delete all of the tax codes from the Chart of Accounts prior to turning off GST though. If you need the reports etc. you can always turn the tax back on, run the reports, then turn it off again. Kind Regards KIm Chapman