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Larissa Bailey
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If I start a data file and share it to another membership then cancel my membership, does that other membership keep their access?


  • John Graetz
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    edited July 2020
    Hi Larissa.  This file belongs to your membership only and once your membership ceases, so does your Hosted file along with it.  The only other option that I am aware of would be for the other membership to carry it to a desktop Enterprise edition and run it from there.  Are you looking for the other membership to still want access to the file because the entity is still going to continue?
    John L G
  • Adrian
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    They could still access the file from the original share, but eventually Reckon I assume would clean out these files 7 years after original user stopped having a licence for the file.

    Would be safer to back up the file and restore from the new membership number, into their own Q: drive, so they retain the data file.