"Terminate" employee button doesn't work

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I am using Reckon Accounts and have found that when I click on "Terminate" in the employee card nothing happens. Does anyone know why this would be the case? The get around for me is to make the employee card inactive but I thought if the terminate function is there it would be good to use it.



  • Joy Symons
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    I"m having the same issue!  How do we fix this?

  • Mel_8760702
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    same issue... can't find a fix on any forums:-(
  • John G
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    Hi Joy, Mel, Andrew

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Yes, there is an issue with the Terminate employee button.  Work around it through the Employee Organiser:
    1. Complete normal pays for the employee (Termination payments are best handled separately)
    2. Employees > Employee Organiser > Terminate Employee 
    3. Select the Employee to terminate and click OK
    4. Complete termination details and click Next (To ensure your Payment Summary shows the correct final date of work, enter the last day worked date as the Release Date)
    5. Complete Re-Hire and Redundancy information and click Next
    6. Confirm Termination by clicking Finish.  The employee has now been terminated and employment details updated
    7. Click on final paycheque to prepare the termination component of the final pay
    8. Complete the termination pay.
    I'm sorry for the inconvenience this issue is causing you.  


  • Dianne Poon
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    When I try to terminate an employee in the Employee Organiser, nothing happens when I press Next. I did their last payrun in March so do I need to redo anything with regards to the YE Payment Summary?

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    @Dianne Poon Some users do have issues with the Employee Organiser.

    Do you Verify your data regularly ? I'd recommend doing this then running the Rebuild 3 times (for some reason THREE rebuilds fixes a lot of issues!) These options are under the File dropdown menu > Utilities.

    After the EOFY, you need to do one final STP submission called a "Finalise Year" Pay Event (You'll see this is another option in your Process Single Touch Payroll window dropdown list). This will pick up ALL employees who have been paid throughout the selected FY (including those who were terminated/made inactive) & allows you to check & "confirm" that their YTD balances are correct. This updates the figures status from "Year to Date" to "Tax Ready" in the employees' MyGov portal 😊

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